Please Study Islam Says Atif Fareed and Other Muslim Representatives to Donald Trump

Atif Fareed, the president of the American Muslim Community Center, agrees with other Muslim leaders that republican presidential candidate Donald Trump needs to study Islam. This was after Trump made a controversial statement saying that all Muslims should be banned from entering the United States. Muslim leaders not just from the US, but even those from other countries denounced this statement saying that only someone ignorant of the teachings of Islam can utter such foolishness.

American Muslims accuse Trump of being misinformed to thinking that every single Muslim wanting to enter America does so with ill intent. Fareed says that this line of thinking is due to the many misconceptions about Islam and Muslims. The terror group Islamic State keeps on claiming that Islam requires Muslims to slaughter and take. Muslim leaders refute this claim saying that Muhammad tells Muslims to respect other faith. In fact, the Quran explicitly states that Muslims should be loyal to the country where they live in. And since Muslim Americans live in the United Sates, their loyalty lies with the US. Other lies about Islam being spread by terrorists are as follows:

donald trump on muslim american

  • Killing and rape of non-believers is allowed.
  • Taking from non-Muslims is allowed.
  • Women must follow men.
  • Women should remain at home to serve their husbands.
  • Women should not pursue education.
  • Women should not reject men.

Atif Fareed also says that it is abundantly clear that the terrorist’s version of Islam is twisted to justify their actions and to take away the rights of women. Muslims and non-Muslims alike should know only true Islam. Fareed further explains that American Muslim community centers have even taken initiative to promote gender equality. Mosques and Muslim centers are now advocates are now leading the way to clearing the misconception that women are mere possessions of men.

atif fareed of amcc

Muslim Americans have been at the receiving end of prejudice and hate crimes every time a major terror attack is committed in non-Muslim countries. Fareed wants everyone to know that terrorists do not represent Islam. Muslims are with the rest of the world in standing against terrorism and other needless and pointless acts of violence.

Fareed also stresses that it is the responsibility of government leaders as well as those aspiring to be government leaders to know more about Islam so they can make better and informed decisions when it comes to relevant issues. Fareed asks Trump to set an example and study Islam. All mosques and Muslim community centers are open to non-Muslims. Our Muslim brothers will be happy to teach you about our faith.