Invite to Mosque Given to Donald Trump by Atif Fareed and Other Muslim Representatives

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has never been known to favor Muslim Americans. In fact, the controversial businessman is known for wanting immigrants, particularly Mexicans, out of the country. Trump, however, seems to have finally overstepped his boundaries when he called for banning all Muslims from entering the United States. He made this statement in the wake of the San Bernardino terror attacks in which a Muslim couple went on a shooting spree that cause the deaths of 14 people and the injury of 22 others.


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Donald Trump’s horrifying words about Muslims

Donald Trump’s words on Thursday detailing the revolting measures he’s open to imposing on Muslim-Americans literally sent a shudder down my spine. A non-Muslim friend of mine tweeted: “This literally made me cry.” Read more…


Atif Fareed, president of the American Muslim Community Center, has led calls for Trump to come into a mosque so he can be enlightened as to what Islam really is. The invite is supported by various Muslim community representatives such as Taha Tawil, the leader of one of the oldest mosques in the US. Muslim leaders agree that Trump clearly does not know enough about Islam and Muslims and the best way to open his eyes to the truth is to educate him.

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Atif Fareed explains that if Trump agrees to have a long discussion with them, they will make him realize that:

  • Muslims are his neighbors and not his enemies – Muslim Americans, just like any other American, wants what is best for their country. They pay their taxes, work hard for a living, and do what they can for their community. They are not terrorists out to spill blood in American soil.
  • Terrorists do not represent Muslims – the couple responsible for the San Bernardino massacre may be Muslims, but what they did was far from the teachings of Islam. They have been radicalized and brainwashed into believing a skewed version of Islam, the one Islamic State has been spreading.
  • Muslim communities around the world denounce terrorism – it has been evident in most if not all terror attacks since 9/11 that the Islamic community does not condone acts of terror. Muslim leaders denounced the Paris terror attacks and they do so again with the San Bernardino terror attack.
  • Islam is a religion of love and peace – the Islam being taught by Islamic State, Al Qaeda, and other terror groups is not true Islam. The real Islam is the one being taught in mosques and community centers. True Islam commands respect for others especially their faith.

Muslim American leaders are hoping that government leaders take the time to know more about Islam. Answering the invite to come to a sit down inside a mosque is a great first step.