Importance of Non-Muslim Sharing Ramadan

AMCC in cooperation with Emerge USA hosted the Sharing Ramadan event in 2015. AMCC President Atif Fareed hopes that it will become an annual event that will continue even beyond his term.

sharing ramadan

What is Sharing Ramadan?

Sharing Ramadan is a gathering in which non-Muslims, particularly elected officials and faith leaders are invited to witness or even take part in the Ramadan if they wish to. Ramadan is one of the most important and impactful Muslim traditions and understanding it will lead to a deeper understanding of the religion. AMCC believes that helping non-Muslims understand more about the Muslim faith is the best way to foster understanding and unity among communities of varying religions.

What are the Objectives of Sharing Ramadan?

The Sharing Ramadan Gathering hopes to provide an opportunity for non-Muslims to learn more about American Muslims. The organizers believe that this will help others understand that American Muslims also support the country in its fight against terrorism. The event also aims to dispel negative stereotypes by showing that Islam is a religion of peace and discipline, not one of violence and death as claimed by extremists such as ISIS. The event also gives a chance for non-Muslims to see the Muslim faith as practiced by American Muslims. And by breaking iftar (the evening meal that marks the end of the daily Ramadan fast at sunset) all participants, AMCC hopes that the event will foster camaraderie between Muslims and non-Muslims.

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Sharing Ramadan is Muslims Reaching Out

Muslims are a minority in the United States and they are seldom asked to voice out their opinions on matters of national importance. Sharing Ramadan is our way of reaching out and letting our voices heard. The event is a symbol of us Muslims wanting people of other faiths to know more about Islam, so we can act and work together with mutual respect and understanding. We want everyone to know that American Muslims also desire what is best for America. We stand with our non-Muslim brothers as they denounce acts of terrorism. We do not deserve the prejudice frequently thrown at us for we are your allies, not your enemies.

Ramadan from Maitham Rushaidan on Vimeo.

Share the Experience with a Friend

Atif Fareed invites all Muslims to invite even just one non-Muslim friend to join them in iftar or fasting even if just for a day. Share the love and spiritual awareness Ramadan brings. Take a picture and share it on social media. Be proud to have a friend that respects your faith and whose faith you also respect.